Hi, I’m Sidney! I’m a graphics programmer at Laminar Research. I work on the graphics stack and general engine bits of X-Plane, a professional flight simulator made by Laminar Research. I like everything related to engine work and high performance. I’ve been developing games since I was about 12 years old, back then by mostly by copying code from a Delphi book I got as a birthday gift. Nowadays I copy and paste code from Stackoverflow, but I’m still just as excited about it as I was all these years ago.

I’ve worked on products that have shipped on all major platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS as well as Android. Mostly writing C++ code these days and working with Vulkan, Metal and OpenGL.

In my spare time I like to tinker on my i686 based kernel firedrake as well as my 3d game engine Rayne which one day may or may not see the light of day. I also have a keen interest in 3d printing and electronics, although my hardware skills are still lacking quite a bit. I’m definitely better with a keyboard than the soldering iron.

Originally I’m from Germany, but I have since lived in the UK and Canada. Happily married to a lovely Canadian.