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I feel ya and you raise a really good point.

From purely a “don’t get in the way” perspective, Facebook 1-2 years ago was perfect for this. Web frontend was working, the times of “iPhone app drains battery” were just fixed and pre-Messenger App on Android the app was working reliably. (Now there are people like me who don’t install that messenger app and the old one lost the functionality, so I lost the notificiations and group chats…)

I feel ya and you raise a really good point. And obviously I’m not at liberty to talk about internal discussions or future plans in detail, but web is definitely a big target. I think at some point the decision was made that we would launch with a lot of things still open to see how its accepted and also incorporate every-day user feedback instead of developing into the blue. So far that seems like it has payed off, although it definitely leaves a few people behind.

But yeah, obviously I’m biased. If only for the fact that I’ve been part of the team since almost the very first prototype (and it has seen so many iterations on the design and features since then. Something I really like; we’ve gone through many many re-designs to end up with something that I believe is really easy to use user interface that still looks pretty)

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